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Welcome to the first entry of hopefully scores or even hundreds of posts to come. This section of the Wiki Collector is dedicated to the backbone of any proper SEO campaign.

The uncontested single strongest ranking factor of any known and confirmed ranking factors within Google's algorithm to date. This has been true, of course, from the very dawn of modern Search until present, and for the forseeable future.

I'm referring, of course, to backlniks. Link building is an indespesible component to ranking a site in quite literally any and every niche. On the record, Google likes to say that "any effort to create links to your site in order to influence search engine rankings is a "link scheme" and therefore manipulative and against Google's TOS"...

But let's face it, we'd be living in fantasy land if we stuck to the child like belief that links will magically come our way if only we write content that is "worthy of linking to".

The name of the game is building links without making it too blatantly obvious that you're building links. To be certain,

I always make sure I'm abiding by these three crucial tenets:

  1. Be mindful of the source of the links and the amount of relevancy and context, or lack thereof.
  2. Keep a close eye on your anchor text percentages, and how often certain pages are linked to.
  3. Keep up a Social presence, with an active following, to build a credible alibi for where how these links may have come about.

Those are the primary pitfalls to avoid.

Beyond that - don't be overzealous or spammy, and use the powerful muscle that lays between your ears, and you should have little to worry about.

Now, on to some of those links.... The following posts will provide examples of High Authority (as gauged by Moz and Ahrefs, the only relialble tools at our disposal since Google stopped making PR public) Do-Follow (meaning it passes on "Ranking Juice"

Yes, I still refer to it as such because that's what it is - Googlers like to say there's "No such thing" - but in reality, that's just more mealy-mouthed Googler Double-Speak - what they ACTUALLY mean is that it is very much a real thing, they just refer to it as something else internally. but I digress.

Continue on to the next post for your first dose of awesome Backlink Sources. Happy Rankings!


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