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We are collectors of all Wiki Related links that have useful information. This is meant ot be an ongoing neverending forever expansive list of wikis of use. These backlinks hold a tremendous amount of value thoughout this index.

Please, feel free to indulge in some of the interesting tidbits of information you may find on the linked pages. You are certain to find many things that will tickle your fancy amond the contents of the vairous links that we have listed on this ever expansive directory of wiki links.

This is for out enjoyment as much as it is for your enjoyment. None of the information on this site will ever be computer generated or written by a non native english speaker. That would go against the principle of creating a site which links out to useful sources of content.

That would render our site rather useless actually, therefore , although I can definitely appreciate the irony there, that will never occur on our site.

Enjoy it's many resources!


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Straight Boys

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